Strike Force Heroes 5


Show Your Force With The Strike Force Heroes 5 Game!

If you want to play an online game that has the potentiality to make you insane then you should consider playing the Strike Force Heroes 5 game. The beginning of the game is simple, but as you keep progressing there are several tough levels that you will encounter. You need to be extra careful while playing the game and to survive in these levels you will have to use the entire clan of soldiers, several powerful weapons, and skills. This feature makes it one of the most popular games across the globe.

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Controlling the Strike Force Heroes 5 game is simple. You can use the Arrow keys for moving to the Left, Right, Up, and Down. The mouse can be used for aiming the enemies and shooting them. If you want to switch weapons in between the battle then use the Shift key. The Ctrl key can be used for unlocking various abilities like kill-streak. A passionate online gamer will definitely enjoy playing Strike Force Heroes 5 as it is inbuilt with numerous unique features.

You need to be extra vigilant in the beginning so that you keep learning the gaming tactics as you advance further. Adapting to the new situations is also very important. There are several maps available in the game. You can check the main menu for understanding these maps. In the beginning, you will be provided with few weapons and as you keep advancing in the game you can unlock many more weapons. Some of these weapons are extremely powerful like the Sniper, Machine Gun, and the Assault Rifle.

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The characters of the game include Medic, Assassin, Commando and Tank. These characters have distinct characteristics, so you should use all of them to gain experience. Here are some quick tips and tactics that you could use in the game for making it more simple and easy:

  • Keep your kill streak ready and activate it while jumping into the falling lava.
  • Play a quick game by selecting the village map as it will let you unlock various stuffs.
  • Your score is based on the number of times you kill the enemies. So, try to achieve a higher score than your opponents.
  • Your team is made up of different characters and classes. All of them have diverse strength and weaknesses. So, select your team with care.
  • Squads can only be changed after the entire mission is over.
  • Always keep a track on the health potion of the character. As soon as it reaches zero, your character will die.
  • Upgrades, weapons, and accessories can be unlocked at the time of upgrading your character.
  • Perform well in missions so that you earn loads of Experience Points.

The aforesaid tricks will certainly let your game avatar survive for longer in the game. These are the best and easiest ways to score higher than your friends. The game offers plenty of customization options so select well, and get ready to venture another interesting online game by Sky9 Games!

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