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Keep Running With The Strike Force Heroes 4!

The Sky9 Games team has developed yet another exciting, action-packed, and unique online game; the Strike Force Heroes 4. It is an endless runner game but with several unique features that will keep you engrossed for the entire day. There are 20 characters in the game with different capabilities and un-lockable perks that make them stronger. Some of the most popular characters are Rookie, Dutchess, Ninja, Pierre, Tower, Gulag, Calamity, and Nathan.

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In this game, your mission is to stop the armed terrorists by using 33 different types of weapons. All these weapons have distinct features that make the game gripping. Some of these weapons with their characteristics have been discussed below:

  • Machine Guns have a lot of ammo supply.
  • Assault Rifles have good speed and decent power.
  • Shotguns are fully-automatic, so they are extremely powerful in killing the enemies.
  • SMG can be used for defending yourself when the enemy is quite close.

The Controls of the iPhone game are easy to understand. You need to tap the left side of the screen to Jump, and if you need to Jump higher then just Hold. To shoot the enemies you need to Tap or Hold the right side of the screen. Slide Down to take cover.

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You need to complete 30 levels in the entire game and in these stages you will come across several missions. Some of them will be really tough to complete and you need to be extra careful with them. These missions include:

  • My first extraction: It is a basic job and you will not encounter any resistance.
  • Favela: In this mission, a Globex Cell is discovered.
  • Barrier of Entry: The main focus here is on defense.
  • Choppa: There is an increase in the air traffic so you need to be careful.
  • Wetwork: Easy job, but be careful of the guards.

Other than the aforesaid missions, there are several more tasks that need to be completed in the game. While solving a tricky mission, you can use these tips and tricks:

  • If you are stuck up in a cover, use Jump.
  • To raise your Star Rank, collect all Intel. Another option is to beat the clock for raising your Rank.
  • If you are tired of Shooting, just play the Freerun to relax.
  • When you are stuck up at a difficult level then make use of the Invincibility Powerup.
  • If there are too many enemies jump over them.
  • Explosives are dangerous so be careful and take cover.
  • To make your perks stronger you need to upgrade them.
  • Be careful of Defenders in Firefights as they can protect their allies with their high health.
  • Upgrade your health to survive for a longer time in the game.

You can get various resources and in-game currency from the game Shop. The game currency will be available in small, medium, and large packs. As your keep progressing in the game, new characters and weapons will get unlocked so keep checking them out. These tricks will ensure that your game turns out to be an easy and interesting one. Have fun playing your favorite game!

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