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Strike Force Heroes: An Action Packed Game!

If you want to spend your leisure time playing an action arena shooter game then Strike Force Heroes will be the apt choice. The game begins with customizing your soldier as per your preference. Every soldier will get a different weapon to use so select one appropriately. You can choose your soldier among the four options that have been provided in the game; Medic, Tank, Assassin, and Commando. These game avatars will be provided with M4, Defriender, Scout, and Saw respectively as their primary weapon.

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The controls of the game are easy and similar to most of the online games. You can use WASD or the Arrow Keys for movement. The Space key is for Jump, Shift key is for Switching Weapons, Ctrl key is to activate Killstreak and the ‘R’ key is to Reload. The mouse can be used to aim and shoot in the game.

In Strike Force Heroes you have the opportunity to unlock over 65 weapons in the game. As you progress in the game you will get 10 medals to achieve. These are discussed below:

  • Strike Force Hero: You need to defeat the creators of the game for acquiring this medal.
  • Maxed: As soon as you reach level 50 with a soldier, you can acquire this one.
  • Guns and Ammo: You can purchase all primary powerful guns with any soldier.
  • Skilled: Your game avatar can acquire every skill with a soldier.
  • Human Plug: It is one of the Secret Achievements where you can unlock Sky9 Mode.
  • Streaking: You can purchase the entire killstreaks with any soldier.
  • Embarrassing: The next Secret Achievement where you can unlock party time.
  • WaterWings: If you want to unlock the bottomless then you need to use this Secret Achievement.
  • Detective: The 4th and the last Secret Achievement that helps you to unlock Tin Mon Mode.
  • The Final Medal: That’s a secret and will be revealed when you complete the campaign.

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There are several modes available in the game that makes it an engrossing one.

  • Deathmatch: You need to kill enough opponents to reach the score limit.
  • Juggernaut: In this mode, you can work as a team to kill the Juggernaut and become one like him.
  • Team Deathmatch: Here you will be working as a team and you have to kill enough enemies to reach the score limit.
  • Capture the Flag: All you need to do is capture the enemy’s flag and bring it to your base.
  • Domination: In this mode, you need to capture the enemy zones and hold them until you gain points.

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The gameplay is an interesting one and you might get stuck up on some stages. To make your game easier, mentioned below are some tips that could help you in clearing the tricky stages quickly:

  • If you are stuck up on a difficult level then try swapping your weapons. Some weapons or soldiers may work better than others in certain levels.
  • Reaching new levels will be quick if you stick to a single soldier class. So, if you want to enjoy each level properly then you can switch to different classes of soldiers. This will enhance your experience and slow down the leveling.
  • Every class of soldier is good at a particular thing so try to use all of them so that you get to know about their advantages.

The innumerable weapons, medals, and challenges make the Strike Force Heroes a perfect game for game enthusiasts. Enjoy playing!

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