Strike Force Heroes 2: An Engrossing Action Arena Shooter Game!


A sequel to Strike Force Heroes; the Strike Force Heroes 2 has all features that the gamers could have hoped for! There are five separate Soldier classes available in the game. They are – the Engineer, Mercenary, General, Juggernaut, and Sniper. All of them have different skills, weapons, and killstreaks. You can select any of them depending on your choice. Similarly, there are several modes in the game. These modes have been discussed below:

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  • DeathMatch: In this mode, you need to kill enough enemies to reach the score limit.
  • One Many Army: Here, you need to work as a team and kill the One Man Army.
  • Gun Game: You can upgrade your weapons by killing the opponents.
  • Team DeathMatch: Similar to DeathMatch, except that you will be working as a team.
  • Capture the Flag: In this mode, you need to capture the enemy’s flag and bring it to your base.
  • Domination: Capture the enemy zones and hold them to gain.
  • Team Gun Game: Here, you can upgrade the weapons of your team by killing the enemies.

>> Click Here To Play Strike Force Heroes 2 <<


The controls are easy to use, which helps a new gamer to play the game effortlessly. ‘W’ key can be used for Jump, ‘A’ key is to move Left, ‘S’ key is for Bending, ‘D’ key is for moving to the Right. ‘R’ key is for Reload, ‘Q’ key is to Switch Weapons, and Ctrl key is for Killstreak. The mouse can be used for aim and shoot. As you keep progressing in the game, you will come across several Medals. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Maxed: You have to reach Level 50 with any soldier.
  • Insanity: Need to complete all missions on Insane.
  • Entrepreneur: You have to sell $100k worth of items.
  • Game Breaker: It’s a Secret Medal that will enable you to unlock the Wizardry Mod.
  • Vegetable Guy: Another Secret Medal that helps you to unlock the Tin Man Mod.
  • Party Time: The final Secret medal that can unlock the Fiesta Mod.


There are many more Medals available in the game other than the ones that are mentioned above. These medals will surely keep you hooked to your screens. The Strike Force Heroes 2 is an easy and interesting game and to make it more engrossing, here are some tips that you could follow:

  • If you want to switch to Profile, Abilities, Shop, Equipments, etc. then simply select the Page icons.
  • The Page icons will help you to customize your soldier as per your liking.
  • Each soldier has different set of Equipments, Experience Level, and Money. So, select any one of them patiently.
  • Every time you complete a match, the game Shop gets new items, so don’t forget to check them out.
  • Keep a track on the Slot Machine as you might end up getting some unique and powerful stuff.

The Strike Force Heroes 2 is an exciting game for those gamers who enjoy spending time on shooter games. So, stay glued to your keyboards as Strike Force Heroes 2 is going to strike again!

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